After the Second World War, the Spanish government made great efforts to inspire young people to undertake vocational training. Measures included providing young professionals with an insight into the various trades, and spurring them on to higher performance by means of competitions.

  In 1950, Spain organised the first International Youth Skill Competitionl as early as 1953, participants included German, French, Moroccan and Swiss nationals. Today, 36 nations are members of the "WorldSkills Organization" (former IVTO), whose goal is to familiarise itself with the different countries' training systems, to compare and analyse them, and to receive and give new impulses. The WorldSkills Competition are open to tradespersons of up to 22 years. As a rule, they are staged every two years in different member countries and it has becom the direct connection with the country's technology level and the quality of export products together with credibility.

  Korea has held the WorldSkills Competition in Busan in 1978, and Korea is hosting the 2001 Seoul 36th WorldSkills Competition for the second time.

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