Herzlich Dank

The time of a mere 27 months that was available to us for the preparation of the biggest international event in vocational training was barely sufficient. However, thanks to the experience gained in the organisation of the 1997 Youth Skill Olympics and thanks to the goodwill demonstrated by all those concerned, we succeeded in organising the 2003 WorldSkills Competition to the highest standards. Crucial contributions to this were made by

  • the public sector (Confederation, the Canton of St.Gallen
    and the City of St.Gallen),
  • the Army,
  • the employers' and employees' associations,
  • the professional organisations involved, and
  • the large number of sponsors and patrons.
They provided us with generous support. Raising the necessary funds, making available state-of-the-art machinery straight from the factory, as well as the necessary materials, is not a matter of course in today's economic situation. The competent shop masters, judges and delegates also contributed to the successful event. I would like to extend my cordial thanks to them and to all the countless people who helped to make this event a success.

The 693 competitors displayed a very high level of vocational skills. They, too, deserve particular thanks, as do the 180,000 visitors who observed the young professionals' work with great interest.

The next WorldSkills Competition will take place from 26-29 May 2005 in Helsinki, Finland.

Dr. Armin Mühlematter, OK President