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28th May 2005

Professionals from circus

Three young cat women held audience captive from the beginning of their act with their flirty start. The group performed their acrobatic show and the audience was trilled.

An artist with a hula-hula ring and two men, who acted an incredibly beautiful performance of oriental fighting scene with orange flags, performed at the stage as well. The screams included in the fight performance intensified the feeling of a real fighting situation.

The circus acts finalised to a show given by two performers covered with linens. Japanese music and linens gave the dance performance very intimate and private sensation.

Burn injuries and sprains

”This is about concurring fears. At the beginning I am very scared, but after that feeling goes away, it is amazing”, shares the performer from the final act Mr Jukka Juntti, 20.

Jukka studies in Lahti College of Arts and Crafts and specialises in air acrobatics. In addition to studies in circus performances, the school offers classes in acting and dancing.

Accidents occur all the time. Bruises and burn injuries are part of daily life and the most common injuries are sprains and strains. “While training I am so extremely careful that during my free time I am not that careful anymore”, states Jukka. 

At parties Jukka remember always to entertain his friend with his special stunt, standing on his hands. The oddest place, where he has stand on his hands, was in the middle of a freeway in Germany. Fortunately the traffic was stopped during the performance.

Wrong perception and prejudices

The other performer at the final act Ms Heidi Sadonkorpi, 25, has previously danced and done fire circus. Ms Sadonkorpi studied earlier cinematic arts but realised during it that circus is more of her thing. She believes that the change of profession was a good decision. “I wanted to do something more physical and with this you do not think that much, you just do”, included Heidi.    

People do not have a clear vision of what circus degree really is. Prejudices and underrating remarks such as ”Do a trick” are typical. Also remarks such as “I could do that! That’s easy!”. “In reality circus arts require a lot of physical and emotional strength but are still great fun”, adds Heidi. To keep up with requirement Heidi jogs in the forest, does sit-ups and push-ups.  

Patience and discipline  

Ms Sanna Vellava, last winter’s graduate from circus degree, is responsible for the performances in WorldSkills event. Her duties include choreography, style and vision refining. ”We have practiced these WorldSkills performances for several months. During the spring the training session lasted for four to six hours a day with the fifth period dedicated entirely for the WorldSkills”, Sanna reveals.

According to Sanna circus arts attract certain type of people. They are open-minded, eager to perform and enjoy exercising. “You need to have patience and discipline with this line of work. It is time consuming and demands total commitment.”

Text: Anna Kopteff


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