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19 Industrial Control

The competition requirements for Industrial Control cover elements from electrical installation and automation installation, although the requirements are now leaning more and more towards automation installation. The current mix of categories includes Electrical Installation and Mechatronics, a field covering automation installations for component manufacture. Therefore, as a competition category, it is likely that Industrial Control will develop towards process automation. 

In the Finnish context, vocational courses in Electrical Engineering have fairly broad-ranging curricula. Depending on their modular choices and work experience, applicants holding a qualification in Automation Technology and Maintenance or in Electrical Engineering and Energy Technology should have a good chance of being selected for the competition.

Finland’s current working environment expects its workforce to hold wide-ranging skills from various fields. Thus, competitors may come from a variety of jobs. The best for training purposes would include installation of automation centres, re-installation of automated systems at industrial sites, and electrical installation, automation and electrical maintenance jobs in industry. Workplaces may vary from power stations and paper and pulp factories to other process industry plants, maintenance companies, installation companies, component manufacture and equipment manufacturers.

The category requirements include the basics of electrical and automation installation. Without compromising on quality, competitors will be able to install conduits, cables, devices, instruments, automated devices and control centre fittings quickly and safely, and implement the assemblies safely. They will be required to design circuits and parameters, and programme and implement frequency transformers and programmable logic. Troubleshooting for relay control and logic programmes will also be expected.

Competition tasks:

Module A. Main task, 15 hrs

An automation application for which the main devices will include programmable logic and a frequency transformer. The task will include instrumentation in accordance with the task documentation.

Module B. Logic programming, 4 hrs

Logic programming in accordance with the documentation for the main task.

Module C. Circuit planning or change, 1 h

Creating a plan which can be used to implement the controls in accordance with the documentation.

Module D. Troubleshooting for relay controls, 1 h

Finding 5 faults from a relay-controlled system.

Module E. Troubleshooting for a logic programme, 1 h

Finding 5 faults from a LADDER type programme.

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