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18 Electrical Installations

Electrical Installers manufacture, maintain and repair electrical equipment for houses, industrial sites and power stations. Their work involves electrical distribution devices such as switchboards, cables and cable routes and different safety devices such as fuses, thermal relays and fault current protection switches.

Electrical Installers install electrical equipment and systems. These may include heating, lighting, air conditioning and metering equipment as well as crime and fire alarm systems.

Electrical safety is an important area of Electrical Installers' work. They must be able to install, maintain and repair equipment so that they are safe to use. They must adhere to safe working practices without endangering themselves or others.

The competition will include five modules. The assessed criteria include electrical safety, wiring, equipment installation, correct functioning and implementation.

Module A         Country-specific task                  (approx. 2.5 hrs)

Competitors will complete a task according to their country's regulations. As the competitors will supply the materials, the installations will look very different from each other, unlike in the other modules. For example, the tasks might involve installing bathroom lighting and an extractor fan.

Module B         Wiring and wiring routes              (approx.10 hrs)

Competitors will complete an installation from pictures and other documentation. The task may include installing electrical sockets and consumer goods. The installation will include at least five different routings (ducts, boards and cable channels).

Module C         Implementing a control system     (approx. 5.5 hrs)

The task will involve building a control system for an electrical device. This might be a pump, water heater, electricity meter etc.

Module D         Testing an installation                    (approx. 1h)

A troubleshooting task. The competitor will test and find faults which may affect equipment safety or functioning.

Module E         Equipment implementation               (approx. 1h)

Competitors will put into operation a device which has already been installed. They will configure the required settings or programme the device so that it will operate correctly. The device may be a safety relay, clock or programmable relay.

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