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PRESS RELEASE 26th May at 9 a.m.


Professionals meet at the Helsinki Fair Centre


Executive Director of Skills Finland Mrs Eija Alhojärvi and the President of WorldSkills Jack Dusseldorp were present at the first press conference held on the opening day. Mrs Alhojärvi introduced the partners, sponsors and other organisations behind WorldSkills 2005 Helsinki. The great number of co-operation partners has been a big challenge to the competition organisers. “One of the main principles of the WorldSkills 2005 Helsinki have been to enhance the co-operation between key persons in different professions and develop Finnish vocational education more unified and effective entity.” says Mrs Alhojärvi.

 WorldSkills Competition is held in Finland for the first time and it is the biggest event ever arranged at Helsinki Fair Centre. The arrangements began already in year 2000 with almost 2300 volunteers participating. These people are students, teachers and representatives of companies and working life. WorldSkills 2005 Helsinki does not only consist of the competitions. During the four day period almost twenty conferences, 70 student performances, guided tours, VIP tours and other programs are arranged.       

Skilled workers earn the most 

The President of the WorldSkills Organisation Mr Jack Dusseldorp is very pleased with the arrangements of the WorldSkills in Helsinki. ”It is amazing how the Helsinki Fair Centre has transformed into a show room of 700 young skilled professionals. WorldSkills Competition gives the opportunity to see different fields of professions which are not that familiar to the public.”

 According to Mr Dusseldorp WorldSkills Competition is an excellent source of information for young people choosing their profession. There are many people who do not even know what kind of educational opportunities exist. “Many think that university degree is the only way to earn living. In reality, people graduated from vocational schools earn more than those with university degree. Especially in fields lacking skilled professionals the salaries can be really good.”

 Mr Dusseldorp is particularly happy with Team Jamaica, which is participating in the competition for the first time. The four young Jamaican professionals are very exited to take part in WorldSkills 2005 Helsinki.

 The speakers at the press conference thanked the Finnish Competition Organisation for the lovely opening ceremony held yesterday at the Helsinki Ice Hall. “The spirit of Finland was passed on to the audience. WorldSkills 2005 Helsinki will definitely be spectacular.”

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