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WorldSkills category selection renews continuously

The category selection is diverse in the WorldSkills Competition. This year there is competition in 39 skill categories, which widely represent fields of technique, industry, and services. Skills that have sufficient enough interest and commitment in the member countries of WorldSkills Organisation may get in to the WorldSkills Competition. According to the rules, at least third of the member countries should take part in the category. The maximum amount of categories is 40. From the current categories the oldest are building and wood techniques.

Traditional craftsmanship skills are required in the WorldSkills categories, but ability to visual sketching as well. Especially in the newer events diverse know-how is needed from planning to realization. For example polymechanics (factory maintenance) and electronics represent a new type of skills, in which know-how requirement is not anymore primarily based on handwork skills.

Today computers have a central role in working life. This is noticeable in the WorldSkills Competition, too. There are skills such as Information Technology, Web Design, IT PC / Network Support, Graphic Design Technology and Mechanical Engineering CADD, which is designing products with a computer. Also service field is coming to the skill selection, for example Restaurant Service, Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing. The biggest number of competitors at the moment is in Mechatronics, Welding, and Electrical Installations, and also in Cooking and Restaurant Service skills. There are also plenty of competitors at IT skills and Hairdressing.

This year there are five demonstration skills. In Telecommunication Distribution Technology competitors will compete in designing, installing, and testing telecommunications networks. The Printing category covers many tasks which are central to print production. Sheet-Construction Steelwork is sheet-construction technician’s field of expertise. In this category competitors shape steel sheets and profile steel, and join sheets together. Tinsmiths build and install roofs, walls, furring, guttering, and roof safety constructions at construction sites. Transport Technology covers the entire goods transport chain and tests the multiple skills which lorry drivers need today.

According to Vice President of WorldSkills Technical Committee, Mr Veijo Hintsanen, settling of the demonstration skills in question to the competition programme depends on whether there are enough competitors from different countries. “We need at least six countries to commit to send a competitor, that a new skill can be demonstrated. When entering a new skill the minimum number of competitors rises gradually to normal, which is 12 competitors.” says Mr Hintsanen.

Mr Hintsanen sees that with the present way the category selection is in continuous state. New skills enter, and old ones drop out. “This is perfectly normal development in constantly changing working life. At the moment in danger are some old skills, such as Stonemasonry, Carpentry and Ladies’ Dressmaking.” says Mr Hintsanen.

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