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Finnish National Team the Largest in WorldSkills 2005

The final line-up of Finland’s national team for the WorldSkills 2005 competition was confirmed in January in connection with the Taitaja - FinnSkills 2005 event held in Turku. A total of 44 young professionals were selected, 11 female and 33 male. In addition to the competitors, Team Finland 2005 comprises two team leaders, two WorldSkills delegates and 40 experts, which means that Finland will send competitors and judges to all 39 skill categories.

Moreover, a support team of five will help and support the national team, including former competitors, a mental coach and, for the first time, a chaplain.

National team members are top professionals in their skills, selected through a tough qualifying process and having acquired their professional expertise through education, coaching and work experience. The competitors have trained for WorldSkills under the guidance of their personal coaches, and most of them have been participating in Skills vocational coaching for approximately two years.

During the spring, national team coaching has comprised three team camps, arranged for the purpose of creating team spirit in addition to actual skills training. The first camp, held in connection with the Taitaja - FinnSkills 2005 event in Turku, launched the training process common to the entire national team.

The team gathered for the second camp in Joensuu 3 - 7 April 2005. This camp, organised in cooperation with the organisers of Taitaja-FinnSkills 2007, focused not only on competition skills training but also on boosting the competition spirit. In a five day period, the competitors received advice on how to encounter different cultures, how to give interviews and how best to represent Finland in the competition. In addition, the mental and physical well-being of competitors received special attention.

“We made the Joensuu camp schedule tight and tough on purpose, because that is what the Helsinki event will be all about”, says Kati Lundgren, a member of the support team.

The last camp for the entire national team was held in the Helsinki Metropolitan area on 6–8 May, focusing on boosting team spirit. The competitors were provided with a wide variety of opportunities to spend time together, while the official programme included a reception arranged by the Government.

Team Finland’s official target at WorldSkills is to achieve a diploma performance in at least 20 skills. “Finland has never before had such a well-trained team”, says Timo Lankinen, a WorldSkills official delegate.


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