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Occupational Health and Safety and Ecological Efficiency at the WorldSkills 2005 Helsinki

As the arranger of the WorldSkills 2005 Competition, Skills Finland wishes to pay proper attention to occupational health and safety and environmental issues in the arrangements. We also wish to showcase the best of Finnish expertise in the promotion of occupational health and safety and in the awareness and addressing of environmental issues. Both themes will be dealt with also in the Global Skills Village arranged in conjunction with the competition.

Occupational Health and Safety at the WorldSkills Event

The aim of the Occupational Health and Safety Excellence Project (2004-2005) is to promote occupational health and safety skills as part of the development of top-notch vocational skills and occupational skills competitions. The project is realised in co-operation with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The project is funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund and the Veto programme of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The aim of the project is not only to develop young people’s occupational safety skills and the training of competition experts but also to advance occupational safety during vocational skills competitions. The aim of vocational skills competitions, to increase the attraction of a vocational education, can be promoted by seeing to occupational safety in an exemplary manner during vocational skills competitions. Vocational skills competitions can act as favourable channels of influence – e.g., in the attention paid to occupational safety issues in a competition site’s design and the safe implementation thereof. Exemplary management of occupation safety communicates an important message about vocational skills: top skills and craftsmanship mean not only that the work is performed quickly and carefully but that it is done safely, without putting one’s own or other people’s safety or health at risk.

The central task of the project has been the training of the WorldSkills 2005 Competition skills organisers and the creation of occupational safety tools that support the organising of skills training. Occupational safety co-operation has been undertaken with industrial safety districts. 

On Friday, 27 May, from 9:00 -10:45am, a seminar on the theme Development of Occupational Health and Safety Skills will be arranged in the Global Skills Village.

Further information:
Riikka Ruotsala
Project Manager


WorldSkills 2005’s Participation in the ECOmass Project

The ECOmass programme is a development project co-ordinated by TKK Dipoli and funded by the European Commission, in which the manual for an ECO-efficient mass event is developed and tested. The manual shall be created on the basis of the realisation and practical work of the IAAF World Championships in Athletics held in Helsinki in 2005. The project is being realised by the Helsinki University of Technology’s Lifelong Learning Institute Dipoli in co-operation with the Helsinki2005 Organization and a network of partners.

As the arranger of the WorldSkills event, Skills Finland has participated in the compilation of the manual – e.g., in the development of the CO2 meter through the introduction of the standpoint of another, different mass event in the development work. The aim is to apply the manual in the future at IAAF’s competitions, as well as widely in other sports competitions and major events, and hopefully also in future WorldSkills competitions. 

In addition to the Finnish Athletics Association, the Helsinki2005 Organization, and the WorldSkills Organisation, partners involved in the project include the Stadium Foundation; Motiva; the WWF; the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council (YTV); and the cities of Espoo, Helsinki, and Vantaa, as well as the Ministry of the Environment. The project is realised during the period 1 August 2004 - 31 July 2006.

Environmental issues are taken into consideration also in the arrangements for the WorldSkills Competition. Competition visitors are instructed to use public transport, and the competitors and experts are to receive tickets for local transit for the duration of the event. Disposal of waste from the various skills competitions shall be managed in an exemplary manner as well. Our co-operation partner Ekokem Oy is in charge of problem waste disposal during the event.

On Saturday, 28 May, from 9:00 to 10:45am, an international seminar under the title Environmental Aspects in Vocational Education and Training will take place in the Global Skills Village. 

Further information:
Kati Lundgren,
HUVA II Project Manager, ECOmass Contact Person

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