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38 Refrigeration

Refrigeration technicians work in workshops, building sites, factories, manufacturing, shops, and customers' houses. They often work alone; though larger building projects usually employ a team of 3–5 refrigeration technicians. An independent job entails that the technicians must acquire a broad set of skills. They must be able to understand installation specifications and plans and choose the best implementation method. A good result requires creative thinking.

Refrigeration technicians install several components which form the refrigeration system. This includes soldering pipes and the safe handling of refrigerants without causing danger to the environment. They are skilled in electronics and understand airflow techniques. Interpersonal skills are also needed since the technicians must be able to work with a variety of people.

The refrigeration category covers six modules: manufacturing and soldering a component, troubleshooting in refrigerated plants, changing an HCFC refrigerant to an ozone-friendly refrigerant, installing and testing air-conditioning equipment (SPLIT), and installing and testing a refrigerating system for a freezer room.

The time allocated to the project is 22 hours. Time and point allocations:

1. Manufacturing and soldering a component 8 points, 2 hours
2. Troubleshooting in a refrigerated plant 10.5 points, 2 hours
3. Troubleshooting and repair of electrical equipment 9.5 points, 1 hour
4. Changing a refrigerant 10 points, 3 hours
5. Installing air-conditioning equipment 24 points, 5 hours
6. Installing a refrigerating system for a freezer room 38 points, 9 hours

Each task includes several sub-criteria such as correct functioning, health and safety, tidiness, correct settings etc. For example, Task 6 contains a total of 100 criteria. The marks given are either "correct" or "incorrect".  Some modules have a three-point scale: correct, pass and incorrect. The assessment is fairly objective. Projects are marked by teams of three experts.

Competitors may hold a vocational qualification in Building Maintenance Technology or Electronics and have acquired some work experience. Competitors will be asked to demonstrate innovative thinking, a variety of skills and team spirit.

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