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30 Beauty Therapy

A beauty therapist is a specialist in skincare, skincare advice, massage and makeup. Beauty therapists are able to plan, apply and market face, body, feet and hand treatments and makeup. They can provide advice on how to use colours, find a personal style, look after your skin and body, and how to choose and use skincare products. Beauty therapists' hands are important tools but they also use technical equipment, continually developed by the industry. Beauty therapists also sell skincare and makeup products.

Providing treatment to clients requires knowledge of hygiene, anatomy and physiology, and skin structure and its functions. In order to provide quality care for their clients, beauty therapists must know about the ingredients used in cosmetics, and about products, skincare methods and beauty equipment and how they affect the skin and body. Giving advice on skincare requires knowledge of nutritional science, the importance of exercise, skin conditions and hygiene. Beauty therapists must also demonstrate understanding of how electrical devices work in order to avoid endangering customers' health and safety when applying treatments.

Beauty therapists often work in close contact with clients from different age groups and backgrounds. Good social and interpersonal skills, discretion and respect for others are important characteristics for those working in customer services and skincare. People working in the beauty industry must also be able to interpret the wishes and needs of those customers who might have difficulty in expressing them.

Beauty care professionals work together with fashion, media, hairdressing and healthcare professionals. Beauty therapists follow the industry’s developments in their own country and abroad and continuously update and develop their knowledge and professional skills. Learning to learn and lifelong learning are crucial in order to develop one's career and skills. These days, a positive attitude towards new technology and its applications is important. A beauty therapist must be in good health and able to deal with physical stress, particularly on the body's locomotive system. A balanced lifestyle and regular exercise help beauty care professionals to cope with the stresses of their work.

Competitors at the WorldSkills competition are skilled beauty care professionals. The competition project covers 10 beauty treatments spread over four days. The assessment criteria include professionalism, meeting the customer needs, ability to work independently, ability to use the equipment, and applying the series of treatments. The panel of judges includes experts from different countries, led by the head specialist. Each task will be assessed separately. Beauty therapy differs significantly from the other categories in that the competition is based on treating another human being, a man or a woman. Since the category is a very visual one, the competition audience will no doubt appreciate the chance to see beauticians at work.

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