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D48 Transport Technology

Transport technology covers the entire goods transport chain and tests the multiple skills which lorry drivers need today. The teams will have two members to transport the consignment from customer to customer, using different tools and solving problems on the way. The teams must plan the journey from start to finish (routes, timetables, etc) bearing in mind international regulations and laws.  The time allocated for the project will be 19.5 hours spread over four days. The category is divided into five modules.

On the first three days the teams will complete three modules: transporting hazardous goods (ADR), using a bulk-handling crane, and the transport module. Before setting off, competitors must complete preparatory tasks such as filling in transport documentation and planning the route and cargo.

Hazardous goods are transported in an articulated container lorry as ADR freight. The project includes preparing the lorry and solving problems. The bulk-handling crane module includes a transport assignment for which the competitors use a bulk-handling crane to load and unload cargo.

The transport module is the longest of the five. Competitors will complete a transport assignment, taking their customer's goods from point A to point B and solving logistics problems along the way. The module includes three main sections: loading, transport and unloading. The transport section is conducted outside the main competition area. Competitors will drive an articulated lorry along the given route in traffic, adhering to the guidelines of economical driving and following the local Highway Code.

On the fourth day, competitors will carry out short demonstrations in vehicle handling, including a forklift, lorry, articulated lorry and bulk-handling crane. Competitors will be asked to demonstrate their vehicle knowledge. The vehicle handling section measures accuracy and driving skill. In the bulk-handling section, competitors will be asked to move objects with a crane, and in the last section they will be tested on their knowledge and skills related to vehicles.

Competitors will have the chance to see the vehicles and the competition area before the event. They will also be given details of the competition tasks and assessment criteria. The assessment criteria include professionalism, customer service, level and time of performance and teamwork. Safety will be of particular importance.

A typical Finnish competitor would have completed a three-year vocational course in Logistics or an equivalent course in further education. Competitors must be licensed to drive an articulated vehicle and a forklift and must hold an ADR licence. They will be able to manage various areas of Logistics independently, from legal regulations, technology and handling of different goods to understanding and handling vehicles. Driving is not a lorry driver's main job. This fact is reflected in the planning of the assignments for this category.

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