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6 CNC Machining

Based on production drawings, competitors will machine products using a billet of material. Competitors will be using a CNC lathe and a CNC machining unit. The tasks will be timed.

Competitors will be informed of the type of CNC machine used at the event so that they can practice for the competition. The areas needing most practice will be machining programming and the machine control types, which are slightly different each time machine controls are developed.

The panel of judges will issue competitors with a billet, a drawing and the time to complete the task. Competitors should be able to determine everything else required. Computers with MasterCam programming software will be used for writing the machining programme.

Each competitor will bring his or her individual tools and cutters to complete the task. Competitors must provide their own tools and supplies. They will independently choose the necessary cutters and billet fixings and will transfer the programme to the machines without help.

Only the end result will be assessed. Points for the end product will be issued as follows: a total of 100 points will be divided between tolerance and other measurements, surface roughness, correspondence between the object with the drawing, programming, and the use of material (use of the second billet always entails a 5-point deduction from the final mark).

The end product will be measured with special measuring equipment in order to give an equal chance to all competitors. The shapes of the objects and the accuracy of measurements will be very demanding, and the competition time will be relatively short.

The challenge will be made tougher by the fact that competitors will have to compete with two different machines, a lathe and a mill, whereas in previous competitions these used to be separate categories. In order to complete both tasks successfully the competitor must acquire skills in using two machining units. This will require more practice and understanding of different machining methods.


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