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Study and Field Trips to the WorldSkills Competition

The aim is to offer an unforgettable experience for 65,000 students of polytechnics and high schools, and 6th to 9th graders, at the WorldSkills Competition in Helsinki on 26-29 May 2005. Students on a field trip can choose between 5-10 paths at the competition site, through which they can gain a comprehensive picture of various professions and working life, and enjoy an international atmosphere. The material for the study paths will be produced in Finnish, Swedish and partly in English.

5-10 Ready-made Study Paths at the Helsinki Fair Centre

These paths present comprehensive coverage of all professions, offering alternatives in terms of path length and the opportunity to link most paths on a flexible basis. The exhibition hall colours are used to visualise the paths and group professions and facilities, and the paths are mainly directed at young people, although any visitor is free to use them.

Foreign Groups

Foreign groups will have access to path material in English. We are also considering the possibility of arranging guided tours for foreign groups, led by students from the international course at Jyväskylä Polytechnic’s Vocational Teacher Education College.

Information Services

Information points connected to the paths are located at the entrances of the Helsinki Fair Centre and in each exhibition hall within the competition area.

Guided Services for Special Groups

Special groups can reserve guided tours led by students on the special education teacher course at Jyväskylä Polytechnic’s Vocational Teacher Education College.

Accommodation for Students on Field Trips

The competition organisers have mapped out several accommodation options in the capital area and its vicinity for students on field trips, all including bed and breakfast (no need to bring your own bed linen) and with good transport connections to the Helsinki Fair Centre. 2,500 bed nights have been reserved.

Accommodation inquiries and reservations:




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