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28 Floristry

Florists usually work in flower shops. In their work they use cut flowers and plants and potted plans. Competitors will use these raw materials, containers and other supplies to fashion several different arrangements during the competition.

Tasks will not be given to the competitors prior to the competition. However, competitors will be able to practise on different types of arrangements. Before the event, the panel of judges will determine 8–12 different projects in accordance with the technical specification for floristry. The judges will supply competitors with all materials, containers, plants and other supplies at the beginning of the event. The projects cover flower bouquets, arrangements, large floral decorations, bridal decorations and bouquets, wreaths, plant bedding, parcel decorations etc. The aim is to provide a varied and wide combination of tasks.

Competitors will complete 8–12 different individual arrangements spread over four days. The panel of judges will only assess the final products. The assessment will be anonymous, i.e. the judges will not know whose work they are marking. Assessment criteria:

1.      Overall appearance and adherence to the specification
2.      Colours: selection, fusion and layout of colours
3.      Creativity and level of difficulty
4.      Technical skills and methods

In order to successfully pass these criteria, competitors should practice as much as possible with a variety of arrangements, such as small jewellery-like decorations and large sculptures. Competitors should also pay attention to different materials and plant biology, and demonstrate their knowledge of how plants grow. Knowledge of shapes and colours must also be applied.

A good florist can fulfil even the most demanding customer's wishes and values customer satisfaction above all!

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