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12 Wall & Floor Tiling

At the beginning of the competition, competitors will be issued with drawings, typically for two wall patterns, floor patterns and shape tiling. The walls will be supplied but the competitors will have to level the surfaces. The work will not include applying waterproofing systems or similar tasks. The time allocated for the project will be 22 hours spread over four days. The panel of judges will be composed of specialists in this field. A visual check of the finished work and tile cutting will count 20%, and a measured check 80%, towards the final mark. The judges will give points for the level of completeness, horizontal and vertical accuracy, square measurements, level measurements and accuracy of measurement. 

Competitors typically train for the WorldSkills competitions for 12 to 18 months. At this stage, the teams consist of 1-4 trainees who practice the competition tasks in 7-day workshops, organised every four weeks. Team members often work as apprentice tilers whilst completing construction industry vocational qualification modules, such as tiling and waterproofing. The most skilled member is then chosen to take part in the WorldSkills. The national team members receive individual training before the competition. The competition tasks will be sent to the competitors around three months before the event. However, the judges will change the task by roughly 30 percent prior to the competition. Competitors will need to muster all their skills for the competition, since successful participation requires thorough training, ability to perform under pressure and physical fitness. 

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