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D47 Tinsmith (Roofing)

Roofing is an area of craftsmanship that goes back hundreds of years. It was mentioned in history books as early as in 970 BC when the Temple of Jerusalem was covered with metal roofing.  Even today, roofers are skilled professionals whose work is very demanding and requires a long period of training. However, the materials, methods and tools have changed so much that a well built steel roof will now last approximately 50 years. Copper has long been a popular roofing material. For example, Turku Cathedral in Finland was roofed with copper in 1831. The roofing was not replaced until the 1970s, which only goes to show how durable material copper can be.

Roofers build and install roofs, walls, furring, guttering, and roof safety constructions at construction sites. Roofers need to know about raw materials, mathematics and spreading metal. Health and safety at work is very important.

The competition category includes a practical assignment for which the competitors produce a copper roof with bushings and guttering. Competitors will be provided with the tasks around three months prior to the competition. At the event, they will receive a final task which has been slightly changed.

The project is spread over four days. Projects are marked by experts (a panel of judges) from participating countries, led by a top expert. Maximum points for each criterion will be determined later. Time, economical use of materials, safety, working methods and the final product are assessed.

Roofing is a demonstration of workmanship for which the audience can judge the professional level of each competitor.

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