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9 IT / Software Applications

Information Technology covers various uses of Microsoft Office software and graphics programmes. The competition tasks include practical work. Theoretical knowledge is limited to that necessary to carry out the work. Competitors are expected to understand information technology and software (such as the ERD model) and mathematics (such as basic arithmetic and percentage formulas). The time allocated for the project will be 22 hours spread over four days. Competitors will be issued with the tasks three months before the competition. In 2003, the competition theme was librarianship. According to the preliminary plans, this year's theme will be shipping traffic. The judges will change the pre-issued tasks by around 10 percent prior to the event.

There are four modules in this category, with the following points allocation:

Word Processing25 points
Databases  25 points
Spreadsheets    25 points
Presentation Graphics25 points

The Word Processing module covers planning, creating and editing documents according to the agreed standard, linking data from spreadsheets and databases and editing the given graphics to fit the documents. Word Processing also includes creating web pages, and macros to help with various tasks.

The Databases module covers designing and creating databases based on the competitor's own plans and the given ERD table. Spreadsheets will be linked to queries, reports and data imported from other programmes. Macros will be created to enable repetitive tasks.

In the Spreadsheets module, competitors will design and create complex spreadsheets according to the instructions. The spreadsheet data will be used to create graphs and Pivot tables. Data will be edited with the Solver and imported from databases, word processing, presentation graphics and web pages.  Macros and new functions will be created to enable various tasks.

The Presentation Graphics tasks involve drawing and editing images, graphics, voice, animation and video files. These will include scanning images and text, and designing and creating slide shows with the given files.

All modules in this category will involve graphics editing tasks, creating web pages in Microsoft Office, creating SQL queries (in the database component) and using the Office suite programmes in conjunction with each other.

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