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36 Car Painting

Car painters will be skilled in repairing car bodywork. They are able to apply finishes to different materials, apply prime coats and repair paint surfaces. They know the standard chassis, motor and electrical device constructions and are able to carry out basic maintenance work. Car painters remove, mark out and replace vehicle body parts, prepare vehicle surfaces, treat the vehicle with protection chemicals, apply prime coats and remove rust. They use workshop tools such as sanding machines and know different sanding techniques and materials, fillers, primers and rustproofing chemicals, and insulating, sanding and filling paints. Car Painters understand the phases of surface painting and can mix and match paints to make tones, and touch-up paintwork. They know the plastic materials used in bodywork and can find suitable preparation, cleaning, priming and surface paint materials and methods. Car painters adhere to health and safety regulations and apply economical working practices. They also understand consumer laws, terms and conditions for repairs and customer service requirements.

The competition tasks cover the vehicle front (front fenders, bonnet and bumper). The time allocated to the project is 22 hours. During the competition, competitors will prime the damaged parts, mix a tone for the surface colour according to the instructions, and apply the surface paint.  They will also apply a paint fading technique on one of the front fenders. Artwork painting will be applied on a separate plastic component.

Assessed modules:

  • Preparation and priming
  • Colour toning
  • Spraying two-coat paints
  • Spraying clear varnish
  • Priming and spraying a plastic component
  • Artwork painting
  • Health and safety at work will be assessed during each module

Marks for the final product will be given in a separate assessment room where the head of the panel will present the product. The assessment will be anonymous, i.e. the judges will not know whose work they are marking.

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