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26 Carpentry

The competitors in carpentry come from the construction or joinery trades.

Competitors will build a scale model of a roof structure for a house. The style of the roof will be that found in Continental Europe. The project is spread over four days. The most difficult part of the carpentry category will be reading the drawings and, using geometry, drawing the components with joining parts on paper full scale. The practical work will cover one third of the project. Constructing the parts will require great skill and the ability to use different tools and machines.

Marking will be based on objective measurements (80%) and subjective assessment (20%). Only very small variances will be allowed. The scale of assessment will be a millimetre for the component size, and a tenth of a millimetre for joint clearances.

Competitors will need to demonstrate endurance, self-confidence, the ability to perform under pressure, scheduling skills, the ability to read the drawings, geometrical skills, varied and meticulous workmanship, knowledge of work safety, the ability to appraise their own work, and respect towards other competitors.

Through training, practice and competitions, carpenters develop skills and knowledge which are in demand in Finland and elsewhere, often in challenging and valuable locations.

Competitors will benefit from following modules from vocational courses while working and training for the competition.

Training will be arranged in companies and training camps, and will also include individual practice. Finnish construction sites do not offer many opportunities to practise for the type of work required at WorldSkills. However, through work competitors acquire skills in measuring and handling machines, improve their coordination skills, and build up their confidence and interpersonal skills.  Competitors must be motivated to practice in their own time and in training workshops. Corporate support plays an important role in securing work experience.

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