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PRESS RELEASE 28th May 2005 at 9.30 a.m.

New skills in every competition

At WorldSkills 2005 Helsinki there are five new skills. Telecommunications Distribution Technology, Printing, Sheet-Construction Steelwork, Tinsmith (Roofing) and Transport Technology have been chosen as the new demonstration skills. Finland competes in all of these skills.

”It is planned that in 2007 in Japan for example Robotics, Baking and Aircraft Mechanics might be the new demonstration skills”, says  President of WorldSkills Technical Committee Mr Liam Corcoran. New skills are joining regularly because the competition skills need to adjust to the changing challenges of the working life.

In order to become a demonstration skill there has to be participants from at least six countries. If eight countries take part in the skill in the next competition, it is accepted as an official skill. Official skills need to have 12 participants in order to stay in the competition.

To the competitor taking part in a demonstration skill it means that it is impossible to benefit from the previous competition projects. However, the projects are selected so that they correspond as well as possible with the vocational training and work life in the participating countries.

When new skills join, it makes the fields more known and increases the appreciation of vocational education among young people. The Deputy Chief Expert of Transport Technology, Mr Stefan Reimers states it is important that young, professional drivers get the opportunity to show their skills in WorldSkills Competitions. ”Many associate trucks with polluting, so therefore we want to emphasize safe and ecological driving in our project”, Reimers states. WorldSkills Competitions offer a good opportunity to dissolve prejudices towards different fields and create conversation about vocational education.

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