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13 Autobody Repair

In Finland, Autobody Repair can be studied in 20 vocational colleges and five adult education colleges. Autobody Repairers restore bodywork damage, mainly caused by road accidents. Such damage ranges from mechanical to cosmetic. Having first diagnosed the damage, the bodywork technicians repair the vehicle to the stage at which it can be painted. After painting it, the vehicle equipment is mended. However, increased use of computerised control and safety equipment has irrevocably changed this last phase. Autobody Repairers use panel repairing equipment, and bodywork realignment and measuring devices. Conventional workshop tools as well as computers are also used. Welding skills are an essential part of bodywork repair, and a professional repairer will be able to use several techniques. 

Autobody Repair is one of the competition categories at the national and international level. In Finland, Autobody Repair became part of the national competition in 1995, having been included in its present form in the WorldSkills competitions around two years previously. At the moment, slightly fewer than twenty countries send competitors to international competitions. At both levels, the competition tasks are a result of established international cooperation and belong to the national curricula. Though teaching methods may differ significantly from country to country, it is surprising how few differences there are between the curricula. Similar techniques seem to be used everywhere, irrespective of the country.

Finding equally badly damaged vehicles would be nearly impossible. Consequently, empty new vehicle bodies are artificially damaged and used at the competition. This ensures a fair competition in which skills can be measured within the competition schedule.

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