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24 Cabinetmaking

Cabinetmakers will build a piece of furniture. Competitors will be given drawings and instructions. Timber prepared for the purpose will be supplied. The maximum competition time is 22 hours over four days.

Before the competition, competitors will have one day to build a workstation and to get to know the venue and machines.

Competitors should understand the characteristics of timber and boards used in their trade and be able to apply their knowledge and skills at work. They will be able to use hand tools and machines safely. Cabinetmakers will have to work from drawings and understand the requirements of each project.

A panel of experts will assess the performances. Criteria include accuracy of height and width measurements (objective assessment) and visual checks such as finishing, joints and functioning of movable parts (subjective assessment).

Competitors in this category have acquired relevant vocational qualifications and worked in the field during their studies. They have then further developed their skills, taking on demanding assignments whilst training for the competition. At the end of their training, competitors will have acquired a vocational qualification.

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