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D44 Printing

The Printing category covers many tasks which are central to print production. This is a competition between individual competitors who are asked to supply the customer with the printing product they have asked for. The project involves printing a poster and a brochure, the customer having given a project specification. Competitors receive work instructions according to which they plan the project. Competitors use new four-colour printing machines and sheet cutters.

The project is divided into three modules. These will be executed throughout the competition. The time allocated for the modules is 15 hours.

In the first module competitors read the instructions. They set up the printing machine and check the proofs. Having checked the quality they produce the print. During printing, competitors must check the product quality and adjust the settings if necessary.

In the second module, competitors will analyse the product they have just printed. They check the quality measurements and prepare a graphic measurement presentation.

In the third module, competitors will edit the print product produced by a competitor. This task involves sheet cutting. Working from the instructions, competitors will plan and execute cutting.

The Finnish competitors typically hold a vocational qualification in Printing and Publishing. Training methods for the graphics industry can differ markedly from country to country. In many places, training is organised as an apprenticeship. However, the technology and its basic operation are the same for everybody. Success at the competition requires good professional skills, the category endeavouring to promote such skills and the use of the printing process. Printing has been included in WorldSkills for the first time as a demonstration skills category.

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