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26th May 2005

Transport Technology also as a new skill category

Transport Technology in for the first time one of the skill categories in WorldSkills Competition.  Competitors come from six different countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy. There is one team of two persons taking part from each country. The competition is spread over four days and there is a specific test project for each day.

Test projects are using a bulk-handling crane, transporting of hazardous goods (ADR) and a transportation task from planning to unloading the load. During the last competition day, the competitors will carry out short demonstrations in vehicle handling. In WorldSkills Competition a special emphasis is put especially for the safety of the performance. Other assessment criteria are for example professionalism, level and time of performance as well as teamwork. As a ground education the competitors usually have a vocational course in Logistics.

Finnish representatives are Mr. Jouni Ojanperä and Mr. Pekka Anto. The boys started their first competition day with transportation of goods. The planning process took one hour and it took four hours to load, unload and weigh the final load. After performance the boys seemed happy, although the performance did not go totally well. “We almost ran out of time”, Jouni tells.

Mr. Ojanperä works in the transportation field and says that competing tasks are bit more difficult than the work in practise. Especially matters concerning work safety are more taken into account in the competition than in work life. “WorldSkills Competition is a great experience and it will surely be beneficial in the future”, he believes. Tomorrow the competitors continue with a task with the bulk-handling crane. Economical driving is also ahead, and it will be driven outside the main competition area.

At the main competition area also the audience has a chance to get to know the transportation field. Interested people visited for example the control room of the truck, drove the racetrack with remote-controlled trucks and tested the lasting of the safety belt in the moving control room of the truck.

Text: Johanna Siironen

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