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22 Painting & Decorating

Painting and decorating requires professional Painter's skills. The competition tasks will involve indoor painting of domestic and commercial buildings. Competitors will paint walls, doors, windows and mouldings.

Painters must be able to handle a variety of jobs and to plan their work so that one phase leads on to another without unnecessary delays from drying materials etc.

Painters should be able to work independently from a written job description and drawings. They need drawing and planning skills and an eye for colour and shapes. Painters should know the characteristics of the materials they use and choose the best tools for the job. They must adhere to work safety regulations and use clean working methods which do not cause danger to others.

The assessment will be based on the aforementioned criteria but the quality and accuracy of the finished work will also be evaluated.

Assessed modules:

A. Levelling, sanding and priming

B. High gloss painting with hand tools

C. Wallpapering

D. Paint toning according to the model and layering; roller painting.

E. Drawing and painting text and patterns according to the model.

F. Free decoration painting

G. Measuring accuracy (+/- 1 mm) for Modules D and E.

The panel of judges will agree on the point allocation prior to the event. Competitors are allowed to choose the order in which they wish to complete the modules.

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