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PRESS RELEASE  26th May 2005 at 12 a.m. 

Global Skills Village brings the parties of vocational education together

For the first time in WorldSkills history a co-operation forum Global Skills Village was arranged in connection with the WorldSkills Competition and was festively opened on Thursday. Minister of Education and Science Mrs Tuula Haatainen emphasised in her opening address the new chal-lenges that the globalisation of the world brings to people - toleration and respect towards other peo-ple. Minister Haatainen thinks that stressing these things is essential both in Global Skills Village and in WorldSkills Competition.

”Representatives of vocational education from all around the world get to share their experiences and knowledge in Global Skills Village. This in an unique opportunity to learn from one another.”, states Minister Haatainen.

President of WorldSkills Mr Jack Dusseldorp thanked the cooperation partners and Finland for well organised event. ”The competitions has been held for 53 years and information has always been shared unofficially but now for the first time official facilities has been arranged for the educa-tion organisers, teachers and representatives of economic life and administration to meet up.” 

The number of delegates was a positive surprise to Director General of National Board of Educa-tion Mrs Kirsi Lindoors. ”We work hard to make this memorable and beneficial experience for eve-rybody”, she promises. EU Commissioner Ján Figel’ emphasized the importance of education: ”21st century needs young, diligent professionals.”

A great number of students from Finnish schools will be performing on the Global Skills Village stage during the four day period. Several seminars and discussion forums will also be arranged daily. 


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