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25 Joinery

Joiners will construct a 1:2 scale model of a door or window structure, including frames. Traditional craft methods will be used, though competitors will be allowed to use woodcutting machines normally used in joinery. Competitors are not required to fit glass or fittings or apply finishes. Doors and windows will be fitted in the frame without clearances. The model will include several different joints. With the aim of increasing the level of difficulty, the work will involve arched parts and different frame profiles.

The work methods are similar to those previously used at construction sites where joiners would have built the wooden components in the workshop but the fittings, glasses and finishes would have been left for the specialised tradesmen to do onsite. These days, windows and doors are manufactured ready to fit.

The competition tasks do not vary much from one event to the next. Only the appearance of the model will change, with different arches etc. Previously, countries from Continental Europe and the British Isles as well as Korea have done well in the competitions. They have a strong tradition for this type of joinery, with long-term and well-organized training. Finland took part in joinery for the first time in St. Gallen in 2003.

Joinery originates in Continental Europe, where joiners form their own guild of craftsmen. Finland does not have a similar tradition. Finnish participants are mainly selected from the winners of the Finnish national competition, Taitaja. Selection takes place every two years.


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