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Close to Seven Hundred Youths Compete in the WorldSkills Competition

WorldSkills 2005 Helsinki Competition will bring almost 700 youths from 38 different countries to the Helsinki Fair Centre, where they will compete in 39 skills for the world championship in their field.

Finland, the host country, boasts the largest team with its 44 members and will take part in all skill categories. Other large teams come from Korea, France, Switzerland, Japan and the Netherlands, all sending teams with over 35 competitors. The smallest team comes from South Africa: three competitors in three skills. Jamaica and Mexico are newcomers to the WorldSkills Competition.

The vast majority of competitors are men, 85 per cent. Women form exactly one quarter of Team Finland: 33 of the Finnish competitors are men and 11 women. In addition to competitors, over 600 experts, or judges, will work in the competition area. The majority, almost 90 per cent, of experts are also men. The national teams include also official and technical delegates, team leaders and observers, totalling over a thousand.

The most popular competition event is mechatronics, with competitors from 26 countries. Welding comes second and electrical installations third. The fourth most popular event is a tie between bricklaying, automobile technology and cooking, with 22 national teams participating in each. The events with the fewest participants are demonstration events, telecommunication distribution technology and tinsmith, with six countries participating in each. Of the official events, the manufacturing team challenge has the smallest participation rate, with three-person teams from 8 countries. Beauty therapy, ladies' dressmaking and landscape gardening all have competitors from 11 countries.

All member nations of the WorldSkills Organisation have the right to send one competitor or team per event. The majority are individual events, with the exception of the manufacturing team challenge with teams of three competitors, and mechatronics, landscape gardening and transport technology with two-person teams.


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