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PRESS RELEASE 26 May 2005 at 11 a.m.

Sponsors can see to the future

Arranging the WorldSkills Competition would not be possible without the outstanding support from companies. The machines and equipment of different competition skills are mainly provided by the sponsors. For the companies this can be considered as an investment for the future.

The competition in mechatronics in WorldSkills is arranged by the technology company Festo, who wants to be involved in training the future professionals. Sales Director Mr Rudi Menrad emphasises that despite the fact that the company constantly organizes training for its employees the basis for skills is built before the work carrier. In trade which is subject to big changes both the companies and also the education and training need to be kept up-to date.

Volvo company is highly visible during the WorldSkills Competition. Mikael Malmstén confirms that the financial investments of the company have been remarkable, but he believes that Volvo will get its investments back with interests. ”After two years time new cars will be seven times harder to fix compared to the current models. The value of professional mechanic in the car industry increases and Volvo wants to find the best future professionals from the WorldSkills Competition”, Malmstén tells.

Electrolux kitchen equipment is used in three different skill categories. The aim of the company is to market its kitchen technology to future professionals. In addition to the company visibility the Director Mr Jarmo Huuhtanen wishes to get feedback regarding their new kitchen equipment from the competitors.

Anneli Manninen from Technology Industries of Finland expresses her concern about the appreciation and future of vocational education. Since the big generations will retire in the near future the need for new employees will be huge. Technology Industries of Finland co-operates with Finnish National Board of Education, vocational schools and industry. ”Maintaining the competitivity of Finland demands continual investments in education”, Manninen reminds.


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