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35 Restaurant Service

Restaurant service requires excellent skills in areas such as:

  • Serving food and drinks
  • Mixing international drinks and working behind the bar
  • Preparing food in front of customers, e.g. carving or flambéing
  • Serving wine
  • Identifying alcoholic drinks
  • Folding napkins

This is an individual competition, and there will be 18–22 competitors in the category. The competition will be spread over four days with each day bringing different tasks. The competition will cover four modules / four different restaurants

1.      Bistro – Plated service
2.      Cocktail Bar – Gueridon service
3.      À la carte restaurant – Cooking at the table
4.      Fine dining – Gueridon service

In each module, the competitors will cloth and set the table and prepare for the serving within the given schedule. In the Bistro module, the competitors will serve two sittings of three people. The customers will order their courses, which will be served at the table as plated service. Red and white wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee and tea will be available on the menu. This module includes identifying white wines.

The Cocktail Bar involves mixing drinks, serving champagne and canapés and slicing gravlax at the table. Customers will arrive in groups of three at two different times. Competitors will cloth the buffet table and identify liqueurs and fortified wines by sight and smell.

The À la Carte restaurant module involves fine cooking at the tableside. For their first course, the customers will have long pasta with a sauce. The main course will be a flambéed stake and the entremets will include a salad for which the competitor will prepare the dressing. The dessert will be cake sliced at the table. Red and white wine will be served. This module includes identifying red wines.

The fourth restaurant will serve a Fine Dining lunch. The first courses will be served from a trolley, the entremets will be a soup ladled from the bowl, and for the main course the competitor will carve the meat. The dessert will be fruit from the surprise fruit bowl. The competitor will slice the fruit for the customers. The competitors will fold napkins and identify strong liquors by sight and smell.

The panel of judges will include experts from the participating countries. Each module has been divided into criteria with 1–10 points allocated to each criterion.

Food service skil20 points
Beverage skil20 points
Special tasks at table side20 points
Bar service5 points
Social and commercial skills20 points
Personal presentation10 points
Display table and decorations5 points

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