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34 Cooking

Cooks and chefs prepare delicious and beautifully presented courses, portions and menus in a variety of settings for different types of customer. Competitors must be able work economically whilst maintaining quality. They are well organised and have plenty of initiative. Using the correct equipment and maintaining work safety is important. Competitors will be able to prepare cold and hot meals and various menus.

The competition project will include practical work and a written menu plan and work plan. The time allocated for the project will be 22 hours spread over four days. Competitors will be issued with the tasks three months before the competition. A day before the competition the competitors will find out the contents of the surprise basket. The competitors will also get the chance to see the working area and find out more about the competition and the assessment criteria. 

The maximum points will be allocated as follows:

Hygiene10 points
Economy 10 points
Scheduling and timekeeping                 5 points
Working  30 points
Presentation15 points
Taste   30 points

On the first day, the competitors will write the menu and the work plan according to the instructions and mise en place. Competitors are allowed to use cookbooks and their own recipes.

On the second day the competitors will prepare international cold foods and pastries.

On the third day the competitors will design and prepare a four-course meal using the international products in the surprise basket. The surprise basket will contain raw materials chosen by the head expert. Each competitor will have the same basket.

On the fourth day, the competitors will prepare the three-course menu according to the instructions.

After the event, competitors will receive individual face-to-face feedback from the judges. The panel of judges will include specialists within their field, led by a top expert.

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