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10 Welding

Welders are craftsmen and women who need hands-on skills to do a professional job.    Competitors will apply different welding processes with various objects and materials. In order to meet the quality requirements, competitors must be able to understand welding drawings, standards and markings, apply the required welding processes and understand the characteristics of the materials. Knowledge of welding work safety will also be required.

The category will be divided into four modules. On the first day, competitors will apply arc (111), MAG (135), MAG flux (136) and TIG (141) welding processes according to the EN 25817 standard welding qualification. The total competition time is six hours. On the second and third day (over 12 hours), competitors will apply the bridge spot welding technique to a pressure container and use different welding processes and welding positions according to the drawing instructions. On the fourth day, competitors will apply TIG bridge spot welding to an aluminium (Al) and a rustproof (Aisi) piece and use welding techniques according to the drawing.

The time allocated to the project is 22 hours.

The points for the tasks will be allocated as follows:

Visual check of the welds40%
Pressure test of the pressure container15%
Weld bending tests15%
Weld x-ray15%
Assembly and bridging according to the drawings10%
Adherence to the instructions5%

The panel of judges will consist of welding professionals from each participating country led by their top experts.

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