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PRESS RELEASE 27th May at 9.30 a.m.

Customer service skills require creativity and accuracy

The work of florist, hairdresser and chef is more or less familiar to the general public. A creative use of materials is emphasised in the competition projects.

Experienced experts serve as judges and ensure the fair and equal competition to every competitor. Competitors come from all around the world which results inevitably to conflicts that have to be resolved by the experts. For example in cooking and floristry some of the flowers and foods are not familiar to everyone. Experts’ duty is to guarantee an equal chance for competitors to make use of the given ingredients.

Floristry skills competition started with wreath and arrangement projects. The chief expert Ms Hanne Viljanen stated that different cultural backgrounds were apparent especially at the wreath task: “The competitors from North and Middle-Europe used colours much more moderately than their colleagues from the Mediterranean.” Ms Viljanen looks forward to second competition day and its new project where competitors have to make jewellery or other accessory of given materials.

Creativity and accuracy are also united in the hairdressing arena. Experts evaluate the technical ability of the competitor as well as creativity and trends of the outcome. “During the first day the projects were to style two men’s models and woman’s long blond curls”, concluded the Chief Expert Ms Judy Rambeau.

The actual competition with the cooking skills starts on the second competition day. The first day was reserved for the weekend menu and work plan design, and preparation work for the practical work. The competition project includes four-course dinner prepared using international ingredients from the surprise basket. For the second time as a chief expert working Mr Svein Magnus Gjönvik is very pleased with the competition workshops and quality of the work equipment. He expects the competition to have high standard and even level among competitors. A good tip for the public is the 3 p.m. setting where all the day’s delicious servings are to be observed.   


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