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39 IT PC & Network Support

IT PC and Network Support technicians compete across a wide range of IT skills. The competition is spread over four days, each bringing its new demanding task. IT PC and Network Support standards are extremely high. This is a fast-moving category, with continuously rising skill levels. Last year's innovations are today’s old news.

On the first day, the competitors will assemble a complete PC with accessories and network devices for a home setting. On the second day they will do the same in a business setting. The competitors will install a complex tailor-made IT solution with workstations, usernames, servers and equipment.  On the first two days the competitors will use Microsoft Windows operating systems, such as Windows XP Professional and Windows 2003 Server.

On the third day, the competitors will have to implement a business IT system with servers, workstations and network devices, but they will be using the Linux operating system.   

On the fourth and last day the competitors will tackle business-to-business communication solutions. Competitors will plan and implement a business network solution in order to access the Internet and other business networks safely and efficiently. Competitors should be able to install and configure wireless network devices, switches, routers and data protection devices.

Competitors usually work as supervisory PC installers or study Computer Engineering in polytechnics. Their work can change a great deal depending on the job description and the level of training. Typical jobs would include planning and implementing a company network or installing, maintaining and administrating company servers. Some may install, repair and configure computers, work in PC support or take on all of the above jobs if they are responsible for IT support for the entire company. 

The competition projects will be planned by the panel of judges (experts) prior to the competition. A new task will be presented and assessed separately each day. IT specialists will mark the projects.

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