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28th May 2005

Sponsors compete for youngsters’ attention

Many WorldSkills sponsors have build their stands in the Sponsor Village to attract young people’s attention. The sponsors have realized that leaflets are not enough but celebrities, revolving cars, competitions and work performances are needed.

Volvo has attracted the most attention since on their stand it is possible to experience how does it feel like to sit in a car that turns upside down. “On Thursday and Friday it felt like that all the people visited our stand and the line was extremely long”, tells fair host Ms Sari Heimsch. Ms Heimsch is very satisfied since most of the youngsters have noticed the importance of a seatbelt after they have stepped out of the car.

Jalas, a manufacturer of work-and safety shoes brings four Finnish top athletes to their stand. Ski-jumper Janne Ahonen, cross-country skier Annmari Viljanmaa and rally drivers Marcus Grönholm and Kosti Katajamäki will sign autographs and answer questions during the weekend.

The organizer of the Mechatronics competition Festo has brought a bus to the fair area where it presents its newest automation industry products. ”The students of secondary school have been mostly interested in the accuracy and transfer times of the equipment” tells Product Manager Mr Jukka Kenttämies. In addition to the students many teachers and representatives of the industry have visited the bus.  

Text: Anniina Luotonen

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