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D46 Sheet-Construction Steelwork

Sheet-construction technicians (plater welders) shape steel sheets and profile steel, and join sheets together. They produce components for paper machines, ships, pressure containers and pipes. They also build steel constructions for houses, bridges and cranes.

Plater welders interpret drawings to find out the product shape and measurements. They then mark out the shape on sheets and cut the components. Sheets are shaped with a bending machine or hammering by hand. Cylindrical parts are shaped with a roller. Components are then assembled using welding.

Sheet-construction technicians must be skilled in spreading metal and have excellent craftsmanship. The competition project includes a practical assignment in which the competitors produce a complex housing structure. Production involves rolling, bending, cutting and shaping metal sheets. Sheet components and profile steel are assembled using TIG or MIG welding.

The project is spread over four days. Projects are marked by experts (a panel of judges) from participating countries, led by a top expert. The finished product is assessed based on measuring accuracy, work methods, safety and time spent on the project.

Sheet-construction is a demonstration of true workmanship for which the audience can judge the professional level of each competitor.

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