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Our Mission


What is WorldSkills?

"Acting together to promote awareness worldwide of the essential contribution 
of skills and high standards of competence to 
achieving both economic success and personal fulfilment"

Achieving our mission
Faced with growing skill shortages and skill mismatches in many countries worldwide, we agreed we needed a new powerful means to enhance the scope and impact of the biennial WorldSkills Competition.

At a General Assembly we agreed to create a platform for sharing experience, innovation and best practice and develop an infrastructure to provide continuous support to everyone involved in skills training worldwide.

This was the beginning of the Leaders Forum.


Video message (33 secs) from Mr Jack Dusseldorp - President of WorldSkills

(Video is 6MB mpg file: Left click on image to play/stream in, right click to save to hard disk and play locally - NB - approx 20 min with 56K modem)