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WorldSkills International is providing the unique opportunity for your company to learn from the international skills of a WorldSkills Champion.

It’s an attractive proposition. We offer you the very best skilled young people in the world, and in turn you provide them with meaningful and challenging work in an environment where people are passionate about skills.

What is a WorldSkills Champion?

A WorldSkills Champion only has one chance to earn this exclusive title. Every two years hundreds of young skilled people, representing the best of their peers in their home country, gather together from 49 countries around the world to compete before the public in their skills and test themselves against demanding international standards. These ‘WorldSkills Champions’ are not only the best they can be - they are the best that their home country/region has to offer.

What are the benefits?

Through the exchange a WorldSkills Champion will be able to discover your country, not as a backpacker or tourist, but as a key contributor to your skills economy. New professional and personal experiences will give them added confidence as they continue their journey as global skills ambassadors. You’ll help equip them with new techniques, new skills, knowledge about different cultures and quite possibly another language. In return you’ll gain a nation of life-long friends, not to mention business links, in your Champion’s home country/region. Better still, today’s WorldSkills Champion is very likely to become tomorrow’s Company Director or Chief Executive - so your goodwill gesture may bring more great rewards in years to come.

Educating international Champions about your skills, services and products is a smart way to be seen as a leader in the global skills market. Your corporate image will be enhanced by your commitment to skills and social responsibility on an international scale. You've got nothing to lose – why not give it a try?

What costs are involved?

WorldSkills Champions should receive salaries comparable to those of host country/region nationals in the same job, with similar skills, experience and qualifications and should in any case be able to cover their living expenses. The success of the exchange rests on the WorldSkills Champion being treated as fully recognised members of your team. Employers will find out that by accepting a WorldSkills Champion, aside from salaries there is no extra work or extra costs.

What happens with work permits?

The Champions Exchange keeps Visas simple by only matching employers and Champions from countries where working permits are easily obtained through existing intergovernmental agreements. The effort is taken by the WorldSkills Champions to research work permits and gather any necessary documentation.


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