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  • How will detailed information about the WorldSkills Champion be provided to the Host Company?
    Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the WorldSkills Champion will be made available for the Host Company offering a placement. This will include all information relevant to the placement (i.e. skills, work experience). At the same time, Host Companies will provide placement offers which will be accessible to WorldSkills Champions.

  • Is there opportunity for Host Company to interview a WorldSkills Champion before accepting them for a placement?
    Yes, of course, as this is important for both parties! When a Host Company or a WorldSkills Champion is interested in a particular exchange they will contact the exchange co-ordinator who will arrange direct communication. If both parties wish to proceed the co-ordinator will prepare a final agreement.

  • Will there be a formal agreement between the Host Company and the WorldSkills Champion?
    Yes. It is intended that a final agreement will protect both parties.

  • Is it possible to extend or reduce the placement period outside of the specified 6 – 12 month period?
    The aim of the WorldSkills Champion Exchange is to maximize the benefits for both parties which we believe requires a minimum commitment of six months. However, where both parties desire a shorter placement, this will be facilitated.

  • What happens if, once the placement has started, either party (WorldSkills Champion or Host Company) is not happy with the placement?
    It is proposed that there would be a mediation process.

  • What is the definition of "real" wage?
    A salary pegged at the market rate for the country/region in which the placement will take place taking into consideration the WorldSkills Champion’s experience.

  • Can the Host Company make a request for the language spoken by the WorldSkills Champion?
    Yes. The Host Company can specify which language the WorldSkills Champion needs to be proficient in. The language proficiency of the WorldSkills Champion’s language will be stated in their CV and be tested through direct communications. It is also anticipated that the WorldSkills Champion’s language proficiency will improve during the exchange period.

  • What happens if a Host Company is concerned about exposing confidential information about the company to the WorldSkills Champion?
    A confidentiality clause will be part of the final agreement.

  • Who should I contact to find out more about WorldSkills Skills Exchange?
    The Co-ordinator, Christine Scoot, is happy to answer all of your questions.
    + 45 22 34 44 81 (Denmark) or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   at any time.

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