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Once upon a time, a Frenchman set out on an adventure

Long before the discovery of WorldSkills, the French knew the value of sharing skills internationally, and with that Compagnons du Devoir’s International Journeyman scheme was born. 

Now, centuries on, this simple concept of sending skilled young Frenchmen on voyages of discovery, has grown to provide opportunities for men and women from all over the world in places spanning from Iceland to Indonesia.

Today more than 400 young people, many of whom are WorldSkills Champions, are developing their skills in more than 40 different countries under the Compagnons du Devoir initiative. And we’re looking for more WorldSkills Champions to take part.The International Journey scheme invites former Competitors from the following Skill Areas to take part in an exchange experience:

  • Wood: carpenter – cabinet maker – joiner – barrel maker
  • Minerals: roofer – bricklayer – plasterer – stonemason – painter
  • Metals: coach builder – fabricator – farrier – industrial mechanic –
    tool mechanic – plumber / heating technician
  • Food trades: baker – pastry maker
  • Leather and Textile: custom shoe maker – leather craftsman – saddler upholsterer
  • Construction: Landscaping and Electrical Installation.

Compagnons Du Devoir International Director, Koen Grieten – formerly a stonemason – has undertaken numerous exchanges throughout Europe and encourages all WorldSkills Champions to share the experience.‘Travel open your mind. You not only learn the culture of another country, but you learn the culture of your skill in that country,’ he says.‘I think it’s great that WorldSkills International and Compagnons Du Devoir are working together to make more of these opportunities available to young people; it will bring great experiences for individuals, but it will help spread a message that having a skill can take you anywhere.’

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