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New York. Paris. Budapest. WorldSkills.

At the age of 19, French Chief Expert, Guillaume Suteau set out on a journey, armed with his hands and the knowledge and skills that he has acquired.

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Once upon a time, a Frenchman set out on an adventure

Long before the discovery of WorldSkills, the French knew the value of sharing skills internationally, and with that Compagnons du Devoir’s International Journeyman scheme was born. 

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Michelin Star Chef likes to mix with WorldSkills best

Take one pinch of natural talent, add a tablespoon of undivided commitment and mix with extraordinary skill... and viola.. you have yourself Michelin star Chef, Joel Antunes.

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WorldSkills Champions Exchange joins BBM legacy

Established in 1925, the Big Brother Movement (BBM) has assisted a wide range of ‘little brothers’ (young UK citizens) in their quest to live and work in Australia, providing them with contact with employers, accommodation and sometimes financial assistance.

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WorldSkills Champions impress the machine industry's best

When WorldSkills promised its Champions an exchange program that would open doors to first-class employers, the forward-thinking Human Resources department at Dynamate saw a unique opportunity.

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