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At the WorldSkills Competition you had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet, work alongside and share some great moments with young people from across the world. You may have only been at the Competition for a couple of weeks, but the memories will last forever. Why not continue the adventure?

Living in another country is something not everyone is lucky enough to experience. By taking part in the WorldSkills Champions Exchange for 3 -12 months, you’ll gain more knowledge about your skill, have a greater understanding about other cultures, see new places, make new friends and enrich your life – both personally and professionally.

At the end of the exchange you’ll return home with new ideas, skills and techniques to enhance your career, and interesting stories to share with those around you.

The WorldSkills Champions Exchange is the next step in your global skills future.

Why not register now?

When participating in the Champions Exchange, WorldSkills Champions/Competitors will be required to:

  • perform work at a consistent high quality and professional standard for the Host Employer
  • keep confidential all information about the host company and its activities including intellectual property, business financial and administrative matters
  • meet the language requirements of the Host Employer
  • share their observations and ideas about the workplace with the Host Employer
  • arrange and pay for their own travel costs in relation to the placement (including insurance)
  • abide by the workplace agreement negotiated with the Host employer
  • be active participants in the Exchange by communicating with the WorldSkills Connector/Coordinator and being available for promotional purposes during and after the Exchange


Register to be involved with the WorldSkills Champions ExchangeRegister to be involved with the WorldSkills Champions Exchange

Daniel Burpitt, Plumbing, UK E-mail

Why are you taking part in the WorldSkills Champions Exchange?
Because I was given the opportunity to be involved with something only a handful of people in the world are given. I believe that opportunities like this only come once in a life time and you should grab them with both hands.



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