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Become a Connector

Link WorldSkills Champions with challenging work placements

Connectors work in a voluntary capacity to assist the WorldSkills Champions Exchange by dedicating a small amount of time to work within their networks to find meaningful and challenging work placements for former WorldSkills Competitors. These Connectors can come from within the WorldSkills International Family and could include former Competitors, Experts and retired Experts.

The level of involvement of each Connector would vary depending on the individual; a Connector can help to facilitate as few or as many placements as they wish. For example, a Connector who has reached retirement may chose to dedicate more time to seeking placements than a Connector who is still working part-time or full-time.


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Tony Constantino, Chief Expert, Jewellery, Portugal

Why did you decide to become a WorldSkills connector?
As soon as I saw the WorldSkills Champions Exchange presentation on the WSI website, I sought information. Once I was aware of the mission (to promote international placements for former WorldSkills Competitors) I contacted all former Competitors from my country and trade, within the age limit. Since then I have been working with the WSCE to help build skills bridges for the world’s most talented young professionals to cross.


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