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Click on this to visit WorldSkills website WorldSkills is a global not-for-profit association dedicated to promoting interest in trades and promoting world class standards.


Click here to visit Festo Didactic's website  Festo Didactic is the world leader in training for automation technology and vocational training.

Festo Didactic is a Founding Global Sponsor Partner with WorldSkills and sponsor of this WorldSkills Mechatronics website.

Helsinki, Finland hosted the 38th WorldSkills Competition. Competition dates were 26 - 29 May 2005.

St Gallen, Switzerland was host for the 37th WorldSkills Competition. Visit their website for all information about this competition.

Welcome to the homepage of the  WorldSkills Mechatronics competition

The 39th WorldSkills Competition will be held in Namazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. 14-21 November 2007. Visit the competition website for more details.

National competitions
Visit the national competitions for the participating countries. These
competitions determine the winners who will represent their countries at the international WorldSkills Competition.