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Welcome to the Festo-WorldSkills Mechatronics Website!

Here you will find the latest information on Worldsklls Mechatronics and all the details from the 37th WorldSkills Mechatronics Competition in St. Gallen, 19 to 23 June, 2003 -and the links to all
relevant sites. You can find out about Mechatronics and how the competition is organised, see which WorldSkills member countries are taking part, check status of their national competitions - and catch a little of the atmosphere of past competitions by visiting the Seoul and Montréal pages.

We hope you enjoy your visit - but remember it can only convey a shadow of the true fun and excitement of this momentous event.

There is just nothing like being there - so see you in Helsinki!

                         "If you take part – you always win!"

Jack Dusseldorp

Dr Theodor Niehaus
Managing Director
Festo Didactic GmbH & Co.