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Paul Condran (Australia) Print E-mail

REGION       Illawarra
CATEGORY   Welding 1985

ImagePaul Condran competed in WorldSkills events over twenty years ago, but is still involved with WorldSkills Australia on every level.
Paul earned a gold medal for welding at the Nationals in 1985, advancing to Osaka, Japan where he was ranked fourth in the world. His training involved splitting time between his ShelharbourTAFE teacher, Ces Selby and international expert, Peter Cryer three nights a week. Paul started his apprenticeship as a metal fabricator with Bluescope Steel Port Kembla in 1980 before becoming interested in the welding aspect of the trade. He was promoted to Welding/Fabricator Inspector after representing Australia in the WorldSkills competitions.

Nearly thirty years later, Paul remains involved with WorldSkills as a National Chief Judge at the last four National competitions and International Chief Expert at the two previous international competitions. Next year Paul will be the Chief Expert for the competition in Japan. On a more personal level Paul has coordinated the training of the last four international competitors.

To Paul, today's young competitors can achieve success through "commitment to a training program, hard work and dedication to get where you want to be." Paul has come very far from his first year as an apprentice at BHP. He believes that apprenticeships are the way to go for young people who are considering a trade as a career. "I think to start your career as an apprentice is a wise choice. You can always use your trade as a stepping stone for further education to move into managerial or supervisor roles."

Paul also believes that WorldSkills Australia played a vital rote in paving his career path. "It's the best thing that ever happened to me. To experience the involvement of the WorldSkills organisation lie I have, as a competitor and now as a judge, has helped me immensely with my career and also with everyday life."