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Jamie Gerrard (Canada) Print E-mail

2003 Skills Canada - Nova Scotia Provincial Competition Gold Medalist and 2003 Canadian Skills Competition Competitor

Jamie Gerrard and Olympic Medalist, Donavon Bailey at the 2003 Canadian Skills Competition
Skills Canada - Nova Scotia is the voice of the future for today's youth. Whether you're just starting out or starting over in a career, Skills Canada – Nova Scotia provides youth with an experience that is unparalleled. The experience is more then just a competition; it's a stepping-stone, an opportunity just waiting for you to grab hold of.

Bold statement? No. The experience has provided me with so much more than winning a gold medal for what I love to do. I was able to see new places, meet new people, and my experiences have helped me to develop a newfound respect for the wide range of careers in trades and technologies as well as for the people that share a passion for them as I do mine.

I have now been involved with Skills Canada - Nova Scotia for just under a year. When I entered last year's competition, I really didn't know what to expect. The skills competition was the first competition I had ever entered. Winning or losing was not really my focus. I wanted to see how well I could apply my skills in a challenging environment in competition with my peers. Not only was it one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had, but also met and made friends with other people that share my passion.

One thing is for sure - I would definitely recommend competing in any Skills/Compétences Canada competition, not just for the actual competition, but for the experience and the avenues that it opens for your future.
I now volunteer for Skills Canada - Nova Scotia helping them to redevelop their Web presence and I look forward to helping new competitors along the way.

Jamie Gerrard (Nova Scotia)