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Hanne Viljanen (Finland) Print E-mail

ImageMs Hanne Viljanen has been chosen as the “Florist of the Year” 2006 in Finland. Suomen Kukkakauppiasliitto, Finnish Florist Association, made their decision at the end of August. In Finland Ms Viljanen is known as an active Skills person and a very skilled florist. This was the eighteenth year when Finnish Florist Association chose a “Florist of the Year”.

Hanne Viljanen works as a lector in floristry in Countryside College of Southwest Finland. Lively, positive thinking and internationally oriented Viljanen fulfils all the criteria that person needs to be an awarded florist. Grounds for the award were the following: “Hanne Viljanen’s credits as a lector are very strong expertise in floristry, passion to develop floristry, international connections and motivating students to participate in both national and international competitions”. 

As a floral arrangement teacher Viljanen graduated in 1999. She is a referee and a member of the referee committee of Finnish Floral Association. Year 2006 she has been Finland’s representative in Nordic referee committee. In WorldSkills 2005 in Helsinki Viljanen worked as a Deputy Chief Expert in floristry. In WorldSkills 2007 in Shizuoka she will continue to work as a Deputy Chief Expert. Hanne Viljanen was one of Birgitta Kulppi’s trainers in WorldSkills 2005 in Helsinki where Ms Kulppi won the world championship in floristry. After an overwhelming victory in Helsinki Kulppi and Viljanen were invited to Brazil’s national skills competition to give a demonstration in floristry.