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Tony Pearce (Australia) Print E-mail
Electrical Control Systems
27th WorldSkills Competition
Linz, Austria, 1983 

Tony Pearce, Managing Director if ISAS, was an Electrical Control Systems competitor in the 1982 Nationals and was a member of the first Australian team to compete in an International Competition in 1983 in Linz, Austria. Tony was unsuccessful in winning a medal and many on the Australian team felt defeated and discouraged. As a result of his experience Tony was determined to mentor the next Electrical competitor into winning a medal. And so he did. The following years, Tony helped mentor and train the Electrical successors who each won medals for the following 3 International competitions.

Describe your experience in the WorldSkills Australia(WSA) competitions and your thoughts on the WorldSkills Competition.

Initially apprehensive by the pending experience, not really looking forward to facing the competitions at local or international levels - nerves and doubt mainly. Still, I remain awestruck by the full experience, exposure and long term relationships forged.

What did you achieve and learn from your participation with WSA and how has it played a role in your career?

Realisation of your ability and skill, learning new technical components in addition to improving negotiation, communication and relationships at local and international levels.au_tony_pearce_electrical

How do you think WSA has played a role in Australia’s Vocational Education and Training standards?

Mainly through the participation of so many people with similar skills and common interests and working within the training and trade industries. It lifts profiles and recognises the perspective from a global angle. There can only be beneficial gains to Vocational Education and Training from this much energy and enthusiasm in one place.

What advice would you give to the 2007 Team Australia Skillaroos?

Whatever effort you’re putting in now, triple it and don’t stop until you retire. Work with your employer in a constructive way to achieve your ambitions, remind them constructively if its not occurring and provide them opportunity before moving on to what you perceive as “greener pastures”. Never present an employer with an ultimatum, there’s always a better way the smart “Boss” will see value in your efforts.

Find balance between career/business and personal interest, health, family and friends. Maintain and build relationships, and focus on information exchange and networking. Continually re-evaluate what remains important to you and revise your objectives and ambitions as these definitely change with time and experience. 

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